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January 24, 2023 - MoFo Diversity

National Mentoring Month: Promoting a Culture of Sponsorship at MoFo

mentoring month

During the fourth week of National Mentoring Month, we will focus on MoFo’s sponsorship efforts. Sponsorship is the step beyond mentorship, occurring when a partner takes on the responsibility of promoting the career advancement of a high-performing associate (i.e., their protégé) at the firm. Sponsors leverage their own influence, power, relationships, and reputation to support the advancement of their protégé.

Each year, the chair of the firm, department heads, and the chief diversity and inclusion officer kick off MoFo Navigate’s Sponsorship Initiative. The initiative is designed to support and expand upon the firm’s culture of active sponsorship, paying particular attention to diverse and women talent.

In addition, the co-chairs of the Diversity and Women’s Strategy Committees follow up with each practice group head to provide additional resources on how to be a more effective sponsor and in support of diverse and women talent.

We invite you to watch the below video featuring MoFo partner Christin Hill as she discusses the importance of sponsorship. Stay tuned for additional insights and stories which will be featured on our MoFo+ Blog and in our social media posts.

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