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January 10, 2023 - MoFo Diversity

National Mentoring Month: Spotlight on Associate Liaison and Pathway Mentoring Programs

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We continue our celebration of National Mentoring Month with a spotlight on MoFo Navigate’s Associate Liaison and Pathway Mentoring Programs.

Associate Liaison Program

As attorneys begin their careers at MoFo, it’s important that they find the right kind of support and mentorship. Through the Associate Liaison Program, each new associate is assigned a peer liaison to support their integration.

Associate Liaisons provide invaluable support as they:

  • Welcome new associates to the firm and help them understand the firm’s core values
  • Answer general questions about the firm, such as office space, processes and procedures, and tools and resources
  • Broaden their new associate’s internal network by introducing them to attorneys from across the firm
  • Help identify their new associate’s Pathway Mentor

Pathway Mentoring Program

The Pathway Mentoring Program (formerly the Odyssey Mentoring Program) pairs new associates with a partner mentor to support their continued growth and development. An associate’s partner mentor is often in their department or practice group and is selected with input from their associate liaison. This relationship is designed to help new associates integrate into the firm, whether they joined the firm as a first-year or lateral associate.

A Pathway Mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing informal training and feedback
  • Introducing their mentee to other attorneys across the firm
  • Advising on practical things like how to balance workload, establish development goals, and navigate firm/office culture
  • Helping their mentee prepare for the firm’s annual evaluation process

To learn more about these programs, watch the below videos featuring MoFo associates Manny Perez and Rebecca Tesfaye as they discuss their experiences in the Associate Liaison and Pathway Mentoring Programs.

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