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March 26, 2021 - MoFo Women

Women’s History Month: Leonora Shalet

Women’s History Month: Leonora Shalet

Leonora Shalet is a Corporate partner in MoFo’s New York office. Her practice focuses on advising clients on fund formation, structuring, and ongoing operational needs, including general securities law matters, and regulatory and compliance issues. She has over a decade of international experience in investment management matters, specifically related to private credit or private equity funds. Leonora has also represented clients in connection with the launch and operation of funds of funds, hybrid funds, and hedge funds covering different strategies.

Is there a female public figure you admire who you would like to celebrate?
I admire U.S. Representative Katie Porter for her perseverance, good nature, integrity and style of communication. She has the ability to effectively confront people, policies and corporations that seem untouchable and does so in a simple—but elegant—manner.

What do you consider your role to be in the advancement of women?
There are two common mindsets: “I’ve gone through it, so you can get through it, too” or “I’ve gone through it, so you don’t have to.” I find that the latter is more helpful in supporting women. Once a barrier is broken, let’s keep the door open and welcome other women through.

Do you have an example of a time when you called out gender bias or inequality? Is there someone you admire because they did so in a way that was impactful to you?
To my prior point, there is often an unhelpful mindset that if one person has overcome a hurdle, others can as well. Add to this the fact that the legal and financial industries are extremely competitive. Against this backdrop, I am immensely proud of the women leaders at MoFo whom I have witnessed tirelessly supporting other women, drawing attention to and celebrating the achievements of their colleagues to ensure recognition and help them succeed.

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