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June 21, 2024 - MoFo Diversity

Faces of MoFo: Patrick Keeler

faces of mofo patrick keeler

Editors’ Note: Read about Patrick Keeler, a New York associate in the firm’s Transactions Department, in the latest installment of our ongoing Faces of MoFo series.

From my earliest memories, I had a desire to explore, understand, and connect with the world around me. My upbringing in a seaside town in Nova Scotia first sparked this curiosity, which has been invaluable in my life and career, ultimately leading me to my current role as a finance associate at MoFo.

I was particularly curious about people when I was growing up. This drew me to acting, which is all about getting to understand a character and figuring out how to communicate their story in a compelling way. As a young adult, I trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, an acting conservatory in England, and then worked as an actor throughout both the UK and Canada for several years. I came to develop a particular affinity for stage combat and voice work. In the video game and voiceover industries, the whole process of understanding a character often needs to be completed within minutes in the studio. This challenge of efficiently delivering top-quality work to a client—from inquiry through to completion—is one I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed.

My work in the HIV field grew as a natural extension of the same curiosity in people. One of the first professional experiences I had was supporting underserved individuals living with HIV in Montreal. Through this work, I got to know many people who faced immense barriers to meeting their basic healthcare needs. Over time, intrigued by the complexities of their experiences, I began to notice chronic gaps in support systems, particularly for migrants living with HIV who lacked access to healthcare. Against this backdrop of inquiry, I saw an opportunity to create a solution, and “Le Cercle Orange” was born. This award-winning project has brought cost-free HIV care to hundreds of individuals living with HIV by harmonizing resources in a vast, streamlined, and accessible network. I have since supported integrating the same strategy in South America and Europe, and the project is continuing to expand.

While managing Le Cercle Orange, I began to inquire what makes a solution to a problem a good solution. This introduced me to the research field—first to implementation science (a domain aimed at integrating evidence-based health interventions into practice), then to legal research—and, ultimately, to the practice of law.

As a finance attorney at MoFo, I am motivated by the same ethos of curiosity. I’m drawn to finance law because, in many ways, understanding debt and finance is akin to understanding how much of the world operates. Every financial transaction is a narrative shaped by both the currents of the market and the needs of a client, and understanding how to best meet these needs is key. This also fuels my pro bono practice at MoFo: I am currently developing a pro bono project that builds on my work with Le Cercle Orange, creating a network of support in tandem with a consortium of organizations in Latin America to empower vulnerable populations in navigating the complexities of HIV care across the U.S.

For me, curiosity isn’t just a trait, but a motivator. And while my trajectory has perhaps been a bit unconventional, it has laid the groundwork for a fulfilling and exciting legal career!