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May 26, 2020 - MoFo Diversity

Meet MoFo’s Patent Counseling & Prosecution Lawyers: Christopher Gloria

Meet MoFo’s Patent Counseling & Prosecution Lawyers: Christopher Gloria

Christopher Gloria is a corporate-patent associate in MoFo’s Northern Virginia office. Christopher’s practice concentrates on domestic and international patent prosecution, IP due diligence, and IP litigation support including patent infringement and validity determinations. As part of the Diverse in Practice series, we asked Christopher about working cross-functionally with the Patent Counseling & Prosecution Group, and how the team’s unique voices and perspectives are driving outstanding client outcomes.

What was it that initially drew you to Patent Counseling + Prosecution law?

I was an engineer by training and practice, so when thinking of a legal career, I was naturally drawn to patent prosecution.  But it wasn’t just that I was qualified, I also was interested in continuing to leverage my engineering/technology education and experience and continuing to work with the latest technology.

How does the field of Patent Counseling + Prosecution intersect with, or improve upon, similar practice areas?

Patent prosecution intersects with corporate and litigation practices, specifically for the technology related client base.  Patent prosecutors often contribute to patent litigation matters by helping to analyze patents and accused products in the early stages of a litigation, bringing our technology acumen and experience to bear.  For corporate matters, patent prosecutors are often involved when patents or a patent portfolio are involved in a deal to give a qualitative assessment of the strength of the portfolio relative to the product base.

Can you speak to the importance of mentorship in your career, or perhaps why you are driven to mentor others?

I think mentorship is important for junior lawyers to learn to enjoy their practice.  The early stages of a lawyer’s career are particularly challenging due to their lack of knowledge, experience, and, ultimately, confidence.  This can make it hard to enjoy what you do, or at least aspects of what you do.  Mentorship can help give perspective and can provide that positive reinforcement and encouragement that can help a junior lawyer get through the trying times with a hopeful outlook.