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March 09, 2022 - MoFo Women

International Women’s Day: Katie Viggiani

International Women’s Day: Katie Viggiani

Katie Viggiani is a partner in the Litigation Department in Morrison & Foerster’s New York office. Her practice focuses on investigations, white collar defense, and commercial litigation. As part of her commercial litigation practice, Katie regularly represents U.S. and international clients in actions involving federal securities laws, escrow disputes, and class actions across a variety of industries, including consumer goods, technology, healthcare, and financial services. Katie advises clients from pre-litigation strategy through trial and settlement negotiations.

Why is it important to celebrate Women’s History Month/International Women’s Day?

It’s important to remember that we stand on the shoulders of the women who came before us and paved the way for progress in ways both big and small. It’s also a time to reckon with the fact that the next generation will stand on our shoulders and that the work we do today will impact women for years to come.

What would be the most meaningful action that allies could undertake to help advance women in the workplace?

Mentorship. Even though we’re making strides towards gender parity in our industry, the reality is that men continue to outnumber women in leadership roles. Closing the gap requires men at the top to look to the next generation of women as future leaders and to help guide the way.

Tell us about the woman who most influenced your career and how she motivated you.

My great grandmother immigrated to the United States in 1913. When she grew up, she wanted to make her own living but her husband wouldn’t allow it. She was undeterred. She baked her own bread in secret to sell in the community, hiding her profits until she had enough to open her own restaurant in 1958. Her explanation to my great grandfather? “Tough!” I think of her anytime I’m struggling to find my inner grit.