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March 19, 2021 - MoFo Women

Women’s History Month: Angela Kerek

Women’s History Month: Angela Kerek

Angela Kerek is a Finance partner in MoFo’s Berlin office. Her practice focuses on advising clients in banking and finance law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and venture finance, and restructurings. Providing counsel on deals for SoundCloud, Renolit, Deutsche Börse, Funke, Pamplona, leading banks for HeidelbergCement, Nokia HERE and Schaeffler, Angela excels at strategically advising clients throughout their growth curve, as well as on major projects and ventures.

The Women’s History Month theme for 2020 is “Valiant Women and the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced.” Can you share what that means to you personally?
Refusing to be silenced means a pledge I gave to myself to no longer be quiet or laugh along gender-biased jokes or stories, but rather speak up in any way possible or appropriate.

Is there a woman you admire who you know personally or professionally whose achievements you would like to celebrate?
There are so many I learn from and look up to. Each one of them stands for a significant little step I had to dare making on my way in order for me to be who I am today.

What do you consider your role to be in the advancement of women? 
I am here to push and encourage my younger colleagues and promote every woman I possibly can to understand her own goals and pursue them the best she can. My shoulder is here for others to step on and jump higher.

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