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February 14, 2024 - MoFo Life, MoFo Community

MoFoundations: Paving the Way to Success

mofoundations paving the way to success

The transition to the role of first-year associate is a significant step in a lawyer’s career. To facilitate this transition, our Attorney Learning & Development Group has developed MoFoundations, a curriculum tailored specifically for recent law school graduates and judicial clerks. MoFoundations is designed to equip new associates with the necessary skills and knowledge to kickstart their legal careers. It also provides opportunities for new associates to integrate into and engage with the MoFo community through educational presentations, experiential workshops, expert panels, asynchronous work, and collaborative exercises.

MoFoundations aims to:

  • Develop the foundational practice and professional skills needed to succeed as a first-year associate at MoFo;

  • Introduce new associates to MoFo’s structure, innovative and collaborative culture, and shared values through community, pro bono, and diversity, equity, and inclusion; and

  • Provide opportunities for networking and relationship-building with peers, other associates, partners, and business professionals.

“Before MoFoundations, I was intimidated about having to figure everything out on my own. Going through the trainings taught me about all of our departments and encouraged me to feel comfortable asking for help,” said Regina Campbell, Los Angeles Litigation Law Clerk.

MoFoundations is aligned with MyMoFo, our framework for associate success, which outlines performance expectations for attorneys at all levels. The MoFoundations syllabus outlines learning objectives for each training session, helping associates understand how each program contributes to their overall career development. MyMoFo empowers associates to take ownership of their careers by providing transparent performance expectations.

As Keniece Gray, Washington, D.C. associate, said, “Attending MoFoundations reaffirmed that firm leadership is committed to providing its attorneys with resources we need to effectively do our jobs and equipped me with fundamental tools to effectively utilize firm resources.”

Several associates have shared their MoFoundations experiences, discussing topics such as professional development, community, and mentorship. Read their MoFo stories:

To learn more about MoFoundations and MoFo’s innovative approach to attorney learning and development, visit the Training + Mentoring website, or contact Christie Mizer, Associate Director of Attorney Coaching & Career Development.