Making a Positive Impact Together
January 09, 2024 - MoFo Life, MoFo Diversity

MoFo Celebrates National Mentoring Month

At MoFo, we understand that effective mentorship is critical to each attorney’s success. That is why we are excited to celebrate National Mentoring Month and the role effective mentorship plays in attorney development.

Listen to MoFo partners Kelley Howes and Lily Li as they discuss the attributes of a great mentor.

In 2022, MoFo launched MoFo Navigate, a global initiative that unified the firm’s formal mentoring sponsorship programs. Through MoFo Navigate, we aim to provide attorneys with the right kind of support at the right points in their careers and to promote greater inclusion. Overseen by the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion (D+I) Group, MoFo Navigate helps participants develop more effective mentoring and sponsoring relationships across difference.

How do you make the most of your mentoring relationship?

There are practical things you can do to set your mentoring relationship up for success. Consider developing expectations and goals for your mentoring meetings. For example, your first meeting should focus on building rapport and establishing how your mentoring relationship will work. Take the initiative to schedule your regular meetings, take notes during the meetings, and have an agenda of the items you would like to discuss during each meeting.