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September 02, 2020 - MoFo Diversity

Meet MoFo’s Investigations + White Collar Defense Lawyers: Saqib Alam

Meet MoFo’s Investigations + White Collar Defense Lawyers: Saqib Alam

Saqib Alam is a litigation of counsel in MoFo’s London office. His practice focuses on white collar defense, compliance and investigations. Based in London for the last 12 years, he has carried out white-collar investigations covering more than 30 countries. Saqib’s expertise has been sought by companies with global operations to investigate matters ranging from alleged bribery, money laundering, antitrust, sanctions violations, and fraud.

In addition to guiding companies on handling regulatory investigations, Saqib has also represented clients in complex commercial litigation and international arbitration matters. He advises clients on cross-border litigation strategy and helps them navigate contentious matters in unfamiliar jurisdictions. His litigation and arbitration experience (LCIA, ICC, SIAC) spans a broad range of industries and geographies, with a particular focus on Asia.

In 2020, Saqib was recommended by Legal 500 UK, for his experience with civil crime, fraud, and licensing matters; white-collar crime and corporate investigations; and risk advisory and dispute resolution. He was also named a “Future Leader for Investigations” by Who’s Who Legal in 2019. In addition to his practice, Saqib is a frequent speaker on anti-bribery compliance and dispute resolution.

What was it that initially drew you to this area of law?

I have a naturally inquisitive and curious mind. Investigations are like solving a complex puzzle that does not always paint the picture you think might be there. To get to the true picture, you have to find all the pieces of the puzzle (the facts) and use those to build the story (what happened). There is no room for reverse engineering. It involves studying data points, speaking to people and understanding your clients’ business inside and out. Collaboration with your clients is vital; after all, they are the ones who know their business best. This is great for me, since I’ve always preferred collaborative learning over self-study.

How does the Investigations + White Collar Defense practice intersect with, or improve upon, similar practice areas?

Investigations work is a central aspect of my litigation, regulatory enforcement, and corporate compliance practices. When things go wrong, conducting prompt and thorough investigations is critical to understanding what happened and making sure it never happens again. In doing so, you also want to ensure you have not violated any laws or exposed yourself to any litigation risk from anyone. Having a strong compliance framework and ensuring that you’re doing the right thing allows you to avoid these risks in the first place.

Can you speak to the importance of mentorship in your career, or perhaps why you are driven to mentor others?

I have had many mentors and sponsors in my career. They have included Supreme Court Judges, current and former Attorneys-General, senior lawyers, academics, siblings, and peers. They have come from the most diverse backgrounds in gender, age, race, and sexual orientation. I have always believed that no one should be deemed unqualified to teach you something you do not know yet. Realizing the significant impact that diverse mentorship has had on my career, I am grateful to be in a position today to be able to advocate for more junior attorneys, particularly those who have been historically underrepresented in the law profession. As a team, the varied opinions and points of view that these lawyers bring positively impact our group and our clients notice it, too.

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