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March 06, 2020 - MoFo Women

#EachforEqual: Anita Choi

#EachforEqual: Anita Choi

Anita Choi is a litigation partner in MoFo’s San Francisco office. Her practice focuses on patent prosecution, diligence, and litigation support across a wide array of technologies and fields, such as biochemical and renewable materials, clean technology, agriculture, food products, materials science, molecular diagnostics, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

What does the International Women’s Day theme “Each for Equal” mean to you?

To me, Each for Equal is a reminder that in order to continue on the path to gender equality, we must also continue to challenge stereotypes, address bias, and celebrate our achievements.

Tell us about the woman who most influenced your career and how she motivated you.

My daughter has been a motivation and inspiration for my career. I want to be a good role model for her, and that desire motivates me to be better every day at what I do and how I interact with those around me.

What are some of the biggest opportunities for women in the workforce today? What changes have you seen over the course of your career that paved the way for women’s advancement?

As firms and companies are seeing the importance of women in leadership roles, it opens up opportunities for women to fill those positions. But doing so is not always easy. For example, I have found that being a working mother brings its own set of unique challenges. Working a full time job, raising kids, maintaining the household, and finding personal time for oneself is not easy. It is comforting to hear from others that we are not alone in the struggles we face. It is also interesting to hear other women who are leaders in the workplace define success and to see how they are able to achieve success in their own way.