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February 14, 2024 - MoFo Life, MoFo Community

MoFoundations MoFo Story: Melinda Gilani

mofoundations melinda gilani

Editor’s note: Read about transactions associate Melinda Gilani, who participated in the 2023 MoFoundations Program in our San Francisco office, in this installment of our MoFo Stories series.

Joining MoFo marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in my career, and I’m grateful to MoFoundations for equipping me with the practical skills and consistent guidance to thrive as a transactional associate.

While law school built a strong theoretical foundation, MoFoundations equipped me with the practical skills to succeed as a transactional associate. MoFoundations took a deeper dive into contract drafting, review techniques, and due diligence, so I can hit the ground running in my first year of practice. The training program introduced essential due diligence skills, including identifying key issues and red flags. This knowledge empowers me to ask strategic questions and deliver effective client service.

Yet, MoFoundations went beyond teaching the anatomy of an agreement and other legal intricacies in transactional work; it honed my skills within a supportive framework. The firm’s culture of teamwork, collaboration, and mentorship was immediately evident. Patient guidance from associates coupled with the camaraderie among my peers fostered a community that encouraged and uplifted one another. Any concern was met with genuine empathy and addressed with clear solutions, which created a sense of security and confidence. As I begin my career, I know I can rely on this community to help me overcome new challenges with resilience.

MoFo’s culture reflects its dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I joined knowing my background would be embraced in a community where everyone can reach their full potential. MoFo actively fosters an environment where unique perspectives are celebrated and respected, and this commitment was apparent during MoFoundations. An unconscious bias training raised awareness of implicit biases and provided valuable tools to navigate them. Additionally, a DiSC assessment provided insights into our individual communication styles, followed by inclusive, small group discussions where every voice was heard and valued.

My biggest takeaway from MoFoundations is the perfect alignment between its dedication to professional development and its core values of excellence and inclusivity. This ensures that everyone has the tools and resources to thrive. With the valuable lessons from training in my toolkit, I look forward to the challenges and triumphs that await me as I begin my career at MoFo.