Making a Positive Impact Together
January 16, 2020 - MoFo Community, MoFo Life

MoFo Singapore Office Gives Back with Day of Service

MoFo Singapore Office Gives Back with Day of Service

MoFo is proud to continue its support of Willing Hearts, a Singapore charity that provides 6,500 meals and other services to low-income families, the elderly, and migrant workers in over 40 locations island-wide each day of the year.

On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, MoFo lawyers and staff from our Singapore office joined the volunteer team that runs the charity’s central soup kitchen. They spent a fulfilling day helping to prepare ingredients, cook, pack, and deliver nutritious meals to those who need them most.

The volunteers also enjoyed a delicious team lunch at the APSN Café for All next door, which is run by trainees from the Association for Persons with Special Needs. This inspirational social enterprise gives adults with special needs a supportive environment in which they learn to prepare, cook, and serve food to customers. The aim is to help them assimilate into society by finding jobs in regular cafes and restaurants.

From L-R: Jeanne Giam, Chia Koon Hong, Ang Lip Kian, Champ Charernthamanont, Liz Russell,  David Hambrick, Craig Celniker

From L-R: Daniel Steel, Per Lindberg, Jeanne Giam

From L-R: Charlyn Lim, Elaine Zhou, Paul Davis, Erica Chan, Chia Koon Hong, Gillian Teo, Nick Davies

From L-R: Tracy Forster, Chun Ting Ting, Jason Nelms, Jessie Tan, Chia Koon Hong

Front Row (L-R): Sheryl George, Daniel Levison, Jake Robson, Hong Cheong Wong, Paul Davis

    Back Row (L-R): Charlyn Lim, Nick Davies, Elaine Zhou, Gillian Teo, Erica Chan, Jenny Xu, Bernadette Lee, Fiona Goh, Chia Koon Hong, Jeanne Giam