Throwback Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving Thursday, we’re throwing it back a few years, to a story that originally ran in the Am Law Daily.

In 2013, a MoFo pro bono team worked tirelessly to win asylum for Cameroonian lesbian activist Gertrude, her partner Carine and their child Princess after a film about homophobia in Cameroon leaked on the internet and put their lives in danger. Gertrude was in the United States for the film’s screening, and unable to return to Cameroon, where her partner and their child faced death threats.

Led by senior of counsel Andrew Monach, the team — including now-partner Diana Kruze, associate Sabrina Larson, and former associate Efrain Staino — successfully won the family asylum. The family was reunited in San Francisco shortly before Thanksgiving.

“Hearing the story of a mother separated from her infant child was just horrifying to us,” Diana explained in a 2014 Am Law Daily story. “Can you imagine the choice? She couldn’t go back because of the threats, and it would have only endangered the baby more.”

Diana and Efrain’s work did not end with the case, however. Both lawyers have children born within a month of Princess and were determined that all three come together for a playdate. The playdate happened during the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday.

Now nearly two years since the original story ran, in the weeks leading up to this year’s Thanksgiving MoFo helped secure a formal adoption for Carine; Princess now officially has two moms.

And another playdate is planned before 2016 ends, just before Christmas.