Rocking Out with the MoFonics and Raising Money to End Family Violence

It is not every day that a commercial litigator like me gets to rock out with colleagues to adapted versions of classic hits such as “Sultans of Suing” (aka “Sultans of Swing), “Make Rain” (aka “Sweet Jane”), and “Running on Caffeine” (aka “Running on Empty”).

Last month, however, as a member of MoFo’s very own rock band, the MoFonics, I had the distinct opportunity to perform alongside some of my fellow colleagues at the Family Violence Appellate Project (FVAP) annual battle of the lawyer-bands fundraiser event, “Banding Together to End Domestic Violence.” The MoFonics is comprised of San Francisco partners James Schurz (vox), Aaron Rubin (bass), Matt Chivvis (vox), Nathan Sabri (keys), Paul Flum (sax/flute), and me, associate Josh Korr (guitar). During the battle of-the-bands fundraiser, we had a great time and enjoyed hearing the other bands, including those with names that only a lawyer could love: “Unfair Competition,” “Attractive Nuisance,” and “Strongly Worded Letter.”

This event is special to me, aside from my participation in the MoFonics, because I’m a member of the FVAP leadership council. It’s a great testament to the values of our firm that we can have some fun while supporting a great cause. Collectively, the firm, our lawyers, and our staff raised over $8,000 to support FVAP’s great work (a special shout out to one of our document review vendors, Warp 9 Microsolutions which donated an additional $3,000 to support the cause). The event itself was an overwhelming success – FVAP took in $168,000 for California survivors of domestic violence and their children.

FVAP is the only nonprofit in California dedicated to helping domestic violence survivors and their children by appealing dangerous trial court decisions on their behalf, free of charge. MoFo is proud to support the organization’s good work through both financial means and pro bono projects. More information about FVAP can be found at

MoFo associate Josh Korr on the guitar

(photo credit to Cathy Breslow/ Breslow Imaging)

MoFo partner Paul Flum on the sax/flute

(photo credit to Cathy Breslow/ Breslow Imaging)

Sign promoting the FVAP battle of the bands event

(photo credit to Cathy Breslow/ Breslow Imaging)