Rebuilding Oyster Reefs, Shell by Shell

Thousands of New Yorkers, from local restaurants to school children, are part of the Billion Oyster Project. The project, an initiative of the New York Harbor Foundation, is focused on restoring the New York Harbor by bringing one billion oysters and their reef habitat back to the waters by 2030.

Northern Virginia associate Sue Borschel, and New York partner Lawrence Ceriello are just two of the thousands who are involved. A  project this size is definitely a team effort. While Sue provides pro bono assistance to help the New York Harbor Foundation staff meet extensive requirements to secure and comply with government contracts that help fund the project, Larry negotiates licenses that allow students from New York Harbor School to go on private property to drop the oyster cages.

“The billion oyster project is restoring the ecosystem that forms a natural line of defense for the harbor, while introducing city kids to marine ecology and environmental stewardship,” says Larry.

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