The Wheels of Justice

On January 22, 11 lawyers from our San Francisco and Palo Alto offices teamed up with 10 in-house lawyers from Yahoo! on a Justice Bus trip to Modesto, California.

The Justice Bus, organized by the nonprofit OneJustice, takes teams of lawyers to rural and isolated areas to provide free legal services to low-income Californians, including veterans, vulnerable seniors, children with disabilities, low-wage workers, immigrant youth, and families.

The MoFo and Yahoo! volunteers assisted more than 30 people with naturalization and DACA applications at a day-long clinic.

“Pro bono is increasingly necessary given the increasing complexity and cost of our legal system,” said MoFo associate and volunteer Robert Cortez Webb. “Clients without resources are tremendously underserved and even the incredible contributions of legal aid attorneys can’t fill the justice gap without assistance from the entire bar.”

Other Justice Bus participants from MoFo were associates James Dee, Nicole Elemen, Temidayo Odusolu, Ingrid Pfister, Rose Plato, Dina Roumiantseva, Lee Shepard, Mark Thom, and Bill Tian.

Joining with firm clients like Yahoo! to provide pro bono service not only increases access to justice, but also offers a unique venue for our attorneys to interact with clients in an environment where we’re engaging in rewarding and meaningful work together.

Justice in motion. Volunteers ride the Justice Bus to Modesto, California, to provide legal advice to low-income individuals.
Pro bono makes all the difference, says San Francisco associate Robert Cortez Webb.
For San Francisco associate Dina Roumiantseva, sharing makes all the difference.