Doing Good in the Neighborhood

On August 12, San Francisco of counsel Corinne Quigley received an award for her pro bono legal services benefitting NeighborWorks, a nonprofit organization focused on providing affordable housing for communities across the United States.

A seasoned land use lawyer, Corinne secured a big win last year for NeighborWorks and the low-income families it serves in Colusa County when the County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in support of an affordable housing project that will house farmworkers and other low-income families.

The project had seemed doomed in 2015, when the county rejected the plans submitted by NeighborWorks to build U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded homes for lower income families and farmworkers, and refused to process the application.

Working with California Rural Legal Assistance and the Public Interest Law Project, Corinne challenged the county’s decision as a violation of state and federal law that protects against discrimination in land use determinations, as well as the county’s own housing element policies and zoning code.

The MoFo team negotiated with the county for months, formally appealed the decision, and made clear that we were prepared to litigate if necessary.

NeighborWorks was thrilled with the outcome and what it means for the families lining up for a chance to live in the housing. “Without Corinne, 17 families would have lost the opportunity to achieve the American dream of home ownership,” noted Donald Terry, director of real estate development at NeighborWorks.

NeighborWorks Sacramento presented Corinne the award during their annual Art, Wine & Food Classic event.

Founded in 1987, NeighborWorks Sacramento provides services to assist and support the financial success of potential homeowners in eleven counties in the surrounding Sacramento area.

Corinne Quigley (center) with Donald Terry (left), director of real estate development and Pam Canada (right), CEO.