#PressforProgress: Lily Li

Lily Li is an associate in our Palo Alto office and she is a member of the firm’s Litigation Group. Lily focuses her practice on intellectual property litigation and her experience includes patent and trade secret litigation of software, Internet, electronic circuitry, semiconductor, medical devices, network security, and wireless communication matters.

 What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It is a day to celebrate the accomplishments of women from different backgrounds and inspire women to live out their fullest potential. It is also a day to recognize how much the world has achieved toward gender equality.

I once worked on a science project with a male student at school, and our teacher assumed the male student took the lead and did most of the work. Things have changed. Now, I am surrounded by people, including mentors, colleagues, families, and friends, who believe that I am capable of whatever I want to achieve.

International Women’s Day is also a day when women all around the world come together to remember our fight. It is an important reminder that we should continue to promote women’s leadership and to close the gender gaps that still exist today. As women, we have to support and empower each other, lean into every aspect of our lives, break the unconscious bias, take risks to advance our careers, and persist until we get the breakthroughs.

It is also a day when we should remind young girls that they are now living in a better world and they should dream big and become tomorrow’s “Wonder Women.”

Describe a way that you’ve seen a colleague at MoFo press for progress.

MoFo is deeply invested in the professional development of women lawyers and encourages our participation in development programs inside and outside the firm.

For example, partner Colette Reiner Mayer encouraged and coached four of us at MoFo to present a mock pitch at the 2017 ChIPs Global Summit. ChIPs is an international organization seeking to motivate and promote the next generation of women leaders in technology, law, and policy. It was a great experience for us to sharpen our business development skills and connect with influential women leaders in the legal profession.

What woman most inspires you, and why?

As a litigation attorney and a working mom, I am inspired by all the women who have done it before me. There is nothing more encouraging than being surrounded by strong female role models and witnessing their success.

Many of the women who inspire me are working moms who are juggling a busy professional life while also doing school drop-offs and bedtime routines. They make sacrifices, push through boundaries, and nurture families despite the high demands on their time and energy. Their passion, commitment, and drive inspire me every day.