Bold For Change: Yemi Tépé

Yemi Tépé is a partner in our Singapore office. She advises leading banks and financial institutions, major corporations, and private equity sponsors. Yemi’s practice focuses on Asia cross-border acquisition and leveraged finance, public to private takeovers, debt structuring and restructuring, syndicated lending, and subscription line financing.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

A day like any other – executing billion dollar deals whilst navigating my daughter’s puberty, juggling attendance at my son’s football tournaments, and skillfully delegating to my husband.

How can women be bold for change in their professional lives?

Women can be bold by embracing and celebrating womanhood with all the stereotypes we may embody — being a successful woman does not mean being more like a man! Challenge inequality in the workplace  and actively help each other to redress the imbalance.

What woman most inspires you, and why?

The one that I aspire to be every day! One of my godmothers who was a barrister/judge was also an inspiring woman. She was not much more than 5 feet tall, but I remember how a roomful of people parted for her — she was fearless, charming, eloquent, funny, and sharp tongued. She had six children of her own and a full time career but made life seem so effortless and fun! I think of her whenever I am having a tough day, and my head is held instantly higher.