Alumna Spotlight: Cecilia Ziniti

How does MoFo prepare you for success?

Alumna Cecilia Ziniti shared her thoughts in a recent interview in our MoForever alumni magazine, where she discussed, among other things, the impact that MoFo has had on her career.

As director and head of legal at Anki, Inc., Cecilia is at the forefront of emerging robotic technologies. This intersection of law and technology is where Cecilia has found her passion.

“The fact that my field is constantly changing — new regulations, new products, new regions — is what keeps it intellectually stimulating and makes me excited to go to work.”

During her time at MoFo, Cecilia worked on a number of counseling projects and smartphone litigation cases. In addition to being a “real asset” for her legal practice, this experience is what ultimately got Cecilia’s foot in the door at Amazon Lab 126, working as counsel for emerging products.

Now at Anki, Cecilia draws upon her experience working with cross-functional teams in a high-performance consumer-product organization to navigate negotiations with large companies, prepare for international expansion, and constantly ensure top-notch customer satisfaction.

From mentorship to providing action plans in times of need, Cecilia believes her time with MoFo was “extraordinarily valuable.”

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