A Top Woman in the Law

What makes MoFo’s Carrie Cohen one of New York Law Journal’s Top Women in the Law? A commitment to justice, fairness, and hard work.

Here are two excerpts from NYLJ’s recently published profile.

Lawyer Whom Carrie Most Admires:

“Judith V. Vladeck of Vladeck, Raskin & Clark — a trailblazing attorney who worked tirelessly for the rights of women in the workplace. She taught me to fight for justice and to litigate hard, fair, and smart and always with charm and grace.”

Best Advice Carrie Ever Received:

“Never say no. My first day in the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s Office, a senior AUSA advised me never to say no to any request for help on a case, which was excellent advice for that office and for my career in general.”