Making It Rain

MoFo’s Arturo González is one of 10 lawyers identified as a Diversity Rainmaker in the spring issue of Diversity and the Bar magazine.

With 31 years of trial practice under his belt, Arturo has mastered the art of making it rain.

“Once I get in the room with a client, I almost always get the work,” he tells Diversity and the Bar. “I suspect it has to do with my confidence and presentation skills. I can comfortably converse with a CEO of a large corporation, or a with a truck driver. I do a lot of research before a presentation…. I’ve never faced a question from a client that I didn’t think about before the meeting.”

Arturo, who co-chairs the firm’s Commercial Litigation and Trial Practice Group, focuses much of his efforts on cultivating the next generation of lawyers.

“I need to make sure our troops are well trained and that we bring our ‘A’ game every time, without exception.”

Diversity and the Bar is published by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA). Founded in 1997, MCCA advocates for the expanded hiring, retention, and promotion of minority lawyers in corporate law departments and the law firms that serve them.