Partner Spotlight: Brian Bates

Brian Bates is a partner in our London office in the Corporate Group. He represents clients in a range of financing transactions, including private debt and equity placements, bank syndications, various bank finance products, high-yield offerings, and mezzanine and LBO financings. He has a specialized practice representing non-U.S. entities that wish to make cross-border private placements of securities to U.S. and other large financial institutions and pension funds.

  • In two to three sentences, describe your practice. I represent non-U.S. companies that are accessing the global private placement market, acting as their special U.S. counsel. My group and I are the leading worldwide practice acting for issuers in this particular market. We have represented issuers from the UK, continental Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Central and South America, and Canada. We represent issuers from a myriad of sectors and industries, including manufacturers, retailers, national utility companies, ports, airports, infrastructure providers and builders, universities and schools, investment trusts, etc.
  • What’s your favorite thing about living in your current city? London is so incredibly cosmopolitan and offers so many opportunities for seeing historical places, museums, theatre, parks, etc. It is also a two-hour flight from dozens of amazing destinations (Venice, Florence, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Copenhagen, to name a few)!
  • What do you like best about your work? The personal and professional relationships that I have within my group and with many of my clients. Being able to see the names of companies that we have assisted as I travel reminds me every day of the help we give them and the impact (however indirect) we have on our communities and world. It is an amazing feeling.
  • What’s the biggest opportunity for promoting diversity and inclusion within the legal profession? When you are part of the hiring and recruitment process and supervision of summer associates, junior lawyers, and others, look for opportunities to meet, hire, and promote others who don’t necessarily look like you, who don’t necessarily reflect your background and experience. Be aware of your tendency to stay in your comfort zone. Fight any tendency to fall into stereotyping. The law isn’t a club only for those who resemble us but it’s a global community that everyone should feel accepted by, based only upon one’s intelligence, skills, work ethic, and dedication to the profession. Expect excellence but give people a chance.