Alumna Spotlight: Judge Lashann Dearcy Hall

It has been over a year since MoFo alumna LaShann DeArcy Hall was confirmed to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. In a recent interview with MoForever, LaShann reflected on her time since leaving MoFo and looks to the year ahead.

“This year has been a whirlwind,” says LaShann. “I spent a little over a year waiting for the nomination process to conclude. Once I had my vote, everything changed – it was off to the races. I was sworn in within three days, and I began receiving cases almost immediately.”

Adjusting to life as a judge has been a positive experience. Over the course of 2016, LaShann has found her new groove. She often finds comfort in the uncomfortable, uneasy moments. To LaShann, those moments confirm the seriousness of her work and the approach she takes to criminal sentencing.

LaShann believes working in private practice prepared her for judgeship, crediting her diverse litigation practice for her ability to analyze unfamiliar areas of law. She also believes embracing this new milestone in her career would be not possible without the support from MoFo.

“My partners wanted this to happen for me, and they understood my predicament. Those around me made some sacrifices so this could happen. It would have been a different experience if I were at another firm that didn’t want me to succeed.”

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